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Volume 2, No. 6 - November 2002

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François Gautier
No doubt Mr Vajpayee is a nice man, no doubt he is well-meaning, no doubt he also embodies some of the better virtues of tolerance and ahimsa of Hinduism, but lately, he has all but surrendered Kashmir to Islamic separatism, not only losing elections there, even amongst his own people, but also saying that “democracy has won in Kashmir”. Democracy has won in Kashmir?.........More...

Wahi: The Supernatural Basis of Islam
Part II  - The Modern View of the Quranic Trance
Dr. Koenraad ELST

So, where did the Quranic messages come from?
“It is the concept of the unconscious that has enabled us to understand these things. (…) One has only to dip into psychology text-books to find a hundred perfectly bona fide cases of people in a state of hallucination hearing things and seeing visions which they claim quite genuinely never to have seen or heard before........More...

Two Elections: Two Misnomers
Sreeram Chaulia

No sooner had election results for the Jammu and Kashmir legislative assembly and the Pakistan national and provincial assemblies been declared in the first half of October, than the American press and audiovisual media went into overdrive transmitting two major misnomers which are at total odds with reality.......More...

Beyond Subcontinental Elections: Stabilizing Kashmir and Redefining Restraint
Subodh Atal, Ph. D.
The recently concluded elections in South Asia have highlighted the sharp contrast between democracy and pluralism in India and religious fundamentalism and terrorism.  In Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) state in India, Pakistan did its utmost to disrupt elections and expression of democracy by sending terrorists tasked with killing civilians and politicians, and attacking campaign rallies and voting booths......More...

J&K: Forward to the Past?
K.P.S. Gill
Attempting to predict the future is, of course, an activity fraught with danger, but it is safe to speculate on the basis of the historical record that Sayeed's elevation at the present stage of the conflict in J&K bodes ill for the counter-terrorism effort in the State......More...

Islam and prisoners of war
Vinod Kumar

Islam advocates clemency with captives. History has never known warriors so merciful to their captives as the early Muslims who followed the teachings of their religion. The most authentic source of Islam is the Koran itself and after the Koran it is the recorded traditions of the Prophet known as the Hadis. Of all the four most well known traditions, the one compiled by Imam Bukhari is deemed to be most authentic......More...

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